Max Steel Robo Force

The actual name for this series was "Robo Force" and the leader of the good side was Max Steele. The leader of the bad side was Hun-Dred. The toyline was made by Ideal.

The toys were robots that had large suction cups instead of feet. They also had arms that could stretch (although that was not the intent). Every robot featured a backpack with a small button on the bottom and when pressed, would curl the two arms inwards. The hands had holes that would allow attachment of the various weapons that came with each robot.

Each robot had a unique gimmick: I remember one with a water-squirting head, and one with rotating propellors (Coptor). Each robot had a chest sticker that prominently featured the robot's name. I believe a few vehicles were also available.

This was one of the few toy lines made without a cartoon series available (although I think there was a comic book series).

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Do You Remember Max Steel Robo Force?

Do You Remember Max Steel Robo Force?