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This makes me remember the time I was actually interested in art! I was about 8 years old. I wish I’d kept it up!

A friend of mine had this board game and it really excited me! And made me genuinely interested in art! It had a really great gameplay – it was all about bidding and bluffing.

Basically there are postcard sized versions of paintings in the box (actual classic paintings like Van Gough’s “Sunflowers”) and they are all given a “value card” which no-one knows. And players have to bid for paintings. There are lots of different squares on the board where players can sell paintings back to the bank for a set fee, or sell to other players.

It’s not dissimilar to poker in some ways in that you’re always trying to make people think that a forgery, that is worth nothing is in fact worth a lot of money. It requires top level bluffing!

I was NEVER able to bluff my friend’s father, but these days I’m not sure a 10 year old could bluff me, it’s so transparent when a child is lying isn’t it!

But a really excellent game and it’s still available to find on ebay. It was originally made by Parker Brothers in 1970 and then was re-reseased in the 1980’s with a slightly less classic looking board game and set.

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