Mask (1985)

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Moving story of a young boy with a terrible facial deformity. The story tells of the boy and his mother's struggle against the hardships his deformity brings.

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Do You Remember Mask?

Do You Remember Mask?

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    Yes, I remember this one- Cher played his mother. It's a tragic film, in which the young lad dies eventually of his disability. Made in '85, it was overshadowed by the blockbusters that came out the same year like 'Top Gun' and 'Mad Max:Beyond Thunderdome', but was a better film than either of those. Eric Stoltz played the tragic teenager Rocky Dennis, whose mother is a biker and who is accepted without question by her friends and comrades. It's a bit like a 1980s hippie version of 'The Elephant Man', except that the central character receives far more love and compassion than poor old John Merrick did. The title of the film is NOT to be confused with the stupid Disney CGI movie that came out years later- this is REAL cinematography, not computer-generated rubbish.