Magic Diaper Babies

Magic Diaper Babies were small dolls made of hard plastic. They were about 2 inches tall and wore little white diapers. You would put ice onto the diaper and it would go blue or pink to let you know if it was a boy or girl. There were so many different varieties of Diaper Babies from the range made by Galoob. Magic Diaper Babies were available either in packs of five or three. There were also different themed Magic Diaper Babies you could get including Babies 'Round the World (no worry of stereotyping here, obviously) - these were little babies dressed up in costumes and carrying items associated with the country from which they originated. You could also get Merbabies - instead of diapers these had mermaid tails.

Little Joys were a spin-off of Magic Diaper Babies. Instead of babies, you could collect different animals including Dalmations, Pigs and Dogs.

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Do You Remember Magic Diaper Babies?

Do You Remember Magic Diaper Babies?

  • Anonymous user
    I had quite a few of these little dolls. I would buy them from Kmart. I wish I still had them.