Madcat Marathon

Madcat Marathon was a maze game. The object was to get the ball over and through obstacles from start to finish. The main body of the game was made of blue plastic with yellow obstacles. The game's shape was about the circumferance of your arms, if you were to "hug a tree". Maybe a tad smaller. It was either a circle or a hexagonal shape. It was not one big maze. Madcat Marathon had different sections of "events" with "themes" not all connected. But the sections were next to each other. The start lines were towards the outer edge and all the finishes were all in the middle. My aunt still has the game and I called her and asked for if I could have it for nostalgia and she is sending it to me. I can't wait!

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Do You Remember Madcat Marathon?

Do You Remember Madcat Marathon?

  • stevegraf09
    I finally received the game in the mail from my Aunt. This game is actually called Madcap Marathon, not Madcat Marathon. It came out in 1981 and was made by TOMY. This is what the box reads... "There's four different games in one. It's a race against time with incredible obstacles to overcome. Ages 6 and up. It's a wild maze game of speed, skill and a whole lot of thrills."