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Lou Reed

Lead singer and songwriter of The Velvet Underground during the 1960's, this artist was a contributor to the birth of punk rock era. Lewis Allan Reed was born in New York in 1942 to a Jewish family. His passion for music began at an ealy age.

After departing from The Velvet Underground in 1971, Lou launched his solo career and released his first solo hit "Walk on the Wild Side", this became his signature song. His other best known hits are 'Perfect Day' which was re-released when featured in the hit film 'Trainspotting'. The Velvet Underground reformed during the 90's releasing numerous albums which he was involved in.

Reed has worked with some of most influential artists throughout the years, he has appeared in a number of films including Prozac Nation & Palermo Shooting. He has been constantly present in the music industry over the last 4 decades and is still as active to the present date.

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Do You Remember Lou Reed?

Do You Remember Lou Reed?

  • Anonymous user
    He's supposed to be notoriously rude and unpleasant- I have a copy of The Velvet Underground's album '1969', the track 'What Goes On' is pure flower-power trance stuff!!