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Lou Bega

Better known for his worldwide hit 'Mambo No.5'. German born David Lubega was born in 1975 to his Italian Mother and Ugandan Father. Bega began his career as a young rapper before moving to Miami during the 90's where he discovered his love for Latin American Music.

In 1999, he released the worldwide hit single 'Mambo No. 5', then released the Album 'A Little Bit of Mambo'. The album was well received in the US & Europe but only reached #50 in the UK album charts. He went onto release other singles including "'I Got a Girl', 'Tricky Tricky' and 'Mambo Mambo'.

Lou has been involved with Disney over the years and is still touring to date.

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Do You Remember Lou Bega?

Do You Remember Lou Bega?