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Lisa Lisa

American hip hop artist, Lisa Velez was born in 1967 and formed the group 'Cult Jam with Full Force' with Alex Mosely and Mike Hughes topping the charts during the late 80's with tracks like "I Wonder If I Take You Home", "Can You Feel the Beat" & "All Cried Out".

In 1994, Lisa Lisa released a solo album called "LL77", this album reinvented her career as a mature pop chanteuse, her current Album "Life N Love" was released in 2009 and she is still touring to date.

She has appeared in many television shows, and starred on Broadway. Nickelodeons Taina, NBCs Law & Order and Westside Story on Broadway have all exemplified Lisa’s dynamic talents as both an actress and performer.

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Do You Remember Lisa Lisa?

Do You Remember Lisa Lisa?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember her song 'I Wonder If I Take You Home' raised a few eyebrows because when it first came out, it was still generally expected that it was the man and not the girl who made the first overture in a new relationship. She sang it sounding like she had a mouth full of cherries....