Lincoln (Linkin) Logs

The ultimate in construction toys for kids. Lincoln (Linkin) Logs were 'logs' of different lengths constructed to fit together to look like your typical log cabin. You could get different kits to make cabins or forts of different sizes. I can't say for sure, but I believe that the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed and invented Lincoln Logs. Legend has it that Lincoln Logs were named after Abraham Lincoln who spent much of childhood living in a log cabin.

The original Lincoln logs set, released way back in 1916 was Uncle Tom's Cabin and you got full instructions on how to build it. Lincoln logs were originally made of wood but by the 1970s all of the wood was replaced with plastic, but it's now possible to purchase old wooden "nostalgia" kits.

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Do You Remember Lincoln (Linkin) Logs?

Do You Remember Lincoln (Linkin) Logs?