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Lenny Kravitz

American legend, Lenny Kravitz, was born in New York in May 1964 and grew up in Los Angeles where his parents worked in television. As a child he was surrounded by music giants with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis.

Lenny's genre of music covered all areas and his debut release in 1989, "Let Love Rule" was a huge success along with his retro look. He was to lead the way during the 90's with his new style of music and fashion, he went on to huge success releasing numerous albums which included hit singles:

Mama said - 1991 Always on the Run - 1991 It ain't over til it's over - 1991 Fields of Joy - 1991 Are You Gonna Go My Way - 1993 Fly Away - 1999 American Woman - 1999

Lenny was once married to Lisa Bonet who starred on the hugely popular 'The Cosby Show', they wed in 1987, had a daughter in 1988 and later divorced in 1993. Kravitz was also famously linked to Vanessa Paradis during 1992 - 1996. Lenny is still involved heavily in the music industry and released his ninth album 'Black and White America' in 2011.

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Do You Remember Lenny Kravitz?

Do You Remember Lenny Kravitz?

  • Anonymous user
    I liked his song 'Fly Away', though the video repulsed me- he was singing on a free-standing stage surrounded by a theatre full of nearly naked women who all looked exactly the same! I just remember being really put off by this writhing mass of girlflesh, it was so egotistic.