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Lena Martell was first discovered in London clubs in the early 60s which led to lots of TV appearances and early records for Gala and EMI labels. Lena had her own networked BBC TV and radio series over ten years in the 1970's and won awards and earned several silver, gold and platinum discs for her many chart albums (she has recorded over 30 on the Pye, EMI, Decca, Ronco and later Scotdisc labels). Lena enjoyed huge worldwide sales with seasons at the London Palladium, Royal Festival Hall, Talk of the Town and other major venues in America, Australia, Canada and worldwide.

Lena worked with several great names incluing Sammy Davis Jnr. but sadly she only had a single number one million seller - "One day at at Time" in 1979 in UK and three other countries. Fortunatey, she is still recording and touring again with much success after 40 years in the business.

Lena had a tough early life - personal losses, bankruptcy in mid 1990's and breast cancer in the late 1990's. Lena is a very shy person, hard to get to know and avoids publicity. However, she is always very good at signing autographs for fans at gigs and doing charity events. Her great voice has been much underated - but very popular indeed.

Lena is a strong impressionist, talented songwriter and musician. She is also apparnetly a good painter and was offered a place at Art School.

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Do You Remember Lena Martell?