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Airing towards the end of the 80s, KYTV was the TV offshoot of the fantastic radio sketch show "Radio Active". It was based around a fictional TV station, and lampooned the cheap production values found in the developing satellite TV industry (malfunctioning equipment, corny links, unprepared announcers, incorrect cameras and so on...).

The series was essentially a series of themed sketches, and while still capable of raising a smile, the show is most noteable for its cast (Helen Atkinson Wood, Angus Deayton & Geoffrey Perkins), who all went on to successful comedy careers. Geoffrey Perkins in particular became a very successful comedy producer and Head of Comedy for the BBC, while Angus Deayton established himself as a firm favourite thanks to is roles in "One Foot In the Grave", and as presenter of "Have I Got News For You"

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Do You Remember KYTV?

Do You Remember KYTV?

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