Krazy Kar

I remember my friends coming by with their Krazy Kars and racing up and down the streets. We had markers at each end and we used to spin around and race back, going forwards one way and backwards the other (do you know how hard it is to go backwards for about 50 yards?). Your hands got tired on one side and you ended up going sideways and couldn't stay straight!

We also loved trying to spin in circles and go as fast as we could until we got dizzy or almost tipped it over. My father used to try and sit in it as well - he looked so funny trying to spin it around while sitting so crouched up in it.

We had so much fun on this that I am looking for a nicely priced Krazy Kar for my grandson so that the memories will live on.

There were several different versions of Krazy Kar, all known under different titles depending on who manufactured them. Other toys that were very similar included the Turn-N-Go and Crazy Wheel. The Krazy Kar was produced by Marx Toys.

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Do You Remember Krazy Kar?

Do You Remember Krazy Kar?

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    I LOVE the Krazy Kar. My boyfriend and I are trying to make an adult size one. I can't wait to ride on/in it again. Woo! Hoo!!!