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Who loves ya, Baby!

Ah, good old Telly Savalas. That shiny head, the charming smile, the fact that he was actually called “Telly”... and was on the Telly. Kojak was king of the detectives and thus he spawned much merchandising - this board game being one such thing.

We had it at home, though being born in 1976 I had absolutely no idea of Kojak was when we played it. I just know it was a detective game – I imagined Kojak as a bald Inspector Gadget. Which lets face it, he was.

The purpose if the game (of course) was to compete to make the most arrests in the Manhattan south precinct (cue very bad American accents). There could be up to 4 detectives, solving 4 crimes. It had a roll dice and move part to it, and then you had to get your assignment and catch the criminal. So that, triumphantly you could say

“Cuff him Stavros”

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Do You Remember Kojak Board Game?

Do You Remember Kojak Board Game?