Kit and Kaboodle

The Kit and Kaboodle Doll and Horse Set was released by Ideal Toys in 1984. In case you don't know, Kit was the doll and Kaboodle was her trusty horse. Kit had very blonde and curly rooted hair that was a little wild - probably from all her time spent outdoors galloping on the plain. Kit had very bright and blue eyes and had sun-kissed freckly skin. Kit wore a red and white checked shirt with blue dungarees.

If you pushed down on Kaboodle he would move along thanks to the wheel fixed underneath his hooves. It helped if you did this along a nice clean surface. As he chugged along Kaboodle's tail would also go up and down. Kit could sit on Kaboodle's bright blue saddle and "hold" onto his bright red reins.

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Do You Remember Kit and Kaboodle?

Do You Remember Kit and Kaboodle?