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King's Quest

King's Quest was made by Sierra Entertainment and is a classic adventure game from its time.

The storyline to King's Quest was that a very young and "pixelated" King Graham must find his queen who has been kidnapped by evil forces. The King's Quest chronicles covered a couple of generations and also a number of fictional lands, including Kolyma, Lloewdor, Tamir, Serenia, Eldritch and the Land of the Green Isles. When on your adventure and entering a different screen, you never know what's waiting for you... a fall to your death, a crazy witch, a monk to help you. You may even happen across the likes of Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood or Count Dracula - just a few of the fantasy characters wh also feature in the King's Quest chronicles. Nevertheless, you, the king, must collect treasures and enter basic commands to help you on your way. But you have to be careful, as not everybody wants you to accomplish your mission and find Queen Valenice!

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Do You Remember King's Quest?

Do You Remember King's Quest?