King Zor

King Zor was a huge plastic dinosaur produced by the Ideal Corporation in the mid 60's. Powered by 4 "D" cells, the unit would roar and move forward when switched on. A dart gun, supplied with the unit, was used to shoot at Zor's tail which was in the shape of a round target.

Upon the tail being hit by the dart, Zor would turn in the direction of the hit, and shoot a plastic ball out of a top loaded chamber in that direction. It would then proceed in that direction until hit again.

If Zor hit an obstacle, it would back up, turn away, and move forward. It was a cool toy. Some say the best of the sixties. Yes, I had one. You can get a working one on ebay if you're lucky for a few hundred. A mint original boxed Zor with full documentation, the gun and darts could run somewhere between $700 - $1K. I've seen them bidded over $700. The original gun is very hard to find, although repros exist.

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Do You Remember King Zor?

Do You Remember King Zor?