Kimberly was a very pretty, approximately 17", strung doll made by Tomy. I had the one with skates on, in Hang Ten clothes. I love closed mouth dolls, instread of ones with big smiles. I miss mine!

Kimberly was made of plastic and vinyl and had rooted hair and a closed mouth, although you could also get a smiling Kimberly. There were several different versions of Kimberly, most of them sporty, all released in 1984. These included Cheerleader Kimberley, School Girl Kimberly, Roller Skating Kimberly, a black ice skating Kimberly and a Gettin Fancy Kimberly dressed in a long, flowing gown. You could also purchase the different Kimberly costumers separately.

Because of the build of Kimberly you could move her head and limbs in different positions and if you got it just right, she could stand up by herself.

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Do You Remember Kimberly?