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Ken Boothe

Jamaican born Ken grew up in Kingston and was the youngest of seven children. His love of music kicked off by the release of a number of tracks between 1963 & 1966 with his neighbour 'Stranger Cole'. Ken's first solo tracks were to acheive great commercial success which included "The Train is Coming" & "Lonely Teardrops".

After recording with many of Jamaica's production companies throughout the early 70's, he then released "Everything I Own" in 1974 which reached number 1 in the UK Singles Charts. This track was covered years later by Boy George, this also reached number 1 in the UK and other countries.

Ken's music was influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Otis Reading, Sam Cooke, The Drifters and Wilson Pickett. In 2003, Boothe was awarded the 'Order of Distinction' for his contribution to Jamaican music by the Jamaican government and continues to record new music with a sense of purpose for promoting peace, love and justice for all of humanity.

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Do You Remember Ken Boothe?

Do You Remember Ken Boothe?

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    everything i own....nobody but ken should sing this....fabulous