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Kelly King

One of the stars of the late '70s nursing drama 'Angels', Kelly King played the troubled, alcoholic Nurse Jay Harper. I adored her as a child, and waited eagerly for the next episode in which her various on-screen tribulations were vividly played out for all to see.

Whether it was being found drunk on duty or fighting with her boyfriend, Nurse Harper hugely enriched my imagination. 'Angels' was a ground-breaking series in it's portrayal of nurses as all too fallible, fault-ridden people just like everybody else- the whole point being that they were definitely NOT angels!

In recent years, Kelly went on to appear in 'The Kumars at No.42', but nowadays focuses mostly on stage acting. She has close links with the National Theatre, where she runs courses for both pre- and post-grad. drama students.

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Do You Remember Kelly King?