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My main memories of Jon Cryer are as Duckie in Pretty in Pink. At the time, I couldn't see why Andie would choose such a boring guy as Andrew McCarthy over Duckie, though in retrospect you just know he'd irritate you to death, but in true 80s style, he did get to do a 'mime along to a sing' in the classic 'Try A Little Tenderness' scene in the record shop.

My fondest memory of Jon Cryer though is of a little-remembered film called Dudes, where he played a city kid doing a roadtrip through America, though that's about as much as I recall of it. Nice to see Jon's still working though, currently in the comedy "Two and A Half Men" with other 80s stalwart Charlie Sheen.

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Do You Remember Jon Cryer?

Do You Remember Jon Cryer?