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Johnny Mathis

American born singer was born in September, 1935. Johnny was recognised as a phenomenal artist at the age of 19 and landed a recording contract in 1956. Two singles "Wonderful, Wonderful' & "It's Not For Me To Say" released in that year were to be his most popular all-time greatest hits, along with "Chances Are" which was his first hit to reach number 1 in the Billboard pop chart in 1957. His second number 1 hit single came nearly 21 years later, this was recorded with Deniece Williams, the ever popular "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late". Johnny has released a 80+ singles and numerous albums with over 350 million record sales, worldwide.

In the first years, Johnny and his music appeared in a number of Hollywood movies. His record company (Columbia Records) were the first to release a "Greatest Hits" album which ever record company copied and has become a tradition in the industry.

Johnny's spare time is spent playing golf & cooking. He is a proven expert in the sports field and wrote a cookery book in 1982 "Cooking for you Alone". He still tours in America and is touring the UK in late 2011, this will be the first time he has toured the UK in 5 years.

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Do You Remember Johnny Mathis?

Do You Remember Johnny Mathis?