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Jinty was a weekly comic book and annual for girls from 1974 to 1981, when it merged with Tammy. I seem to remember a story about two tower blocks that lead into parallel worlds. Unlike its rivals, Misty, Jinty focussed each week on a different theme, such as science fiction. As well as comic strips, Jinty also featured letters pages, horoscopes, articles on pop stars etc. Past strips included: The Robot Who Cried - about a robot girl; The Land Of No Tears - a girl with a limp travels to the future; The Human Zoo - classmates are kidnapped by telepathic aliens; Child Of The Rain - after a trip to the Amazon rainforest, a girl finds every time it rains she becomes filled with mysterious power; A Girl Called Gulliver - Gwenny Gulliver looks after the last of the Lilliputians; House Of The Past - time travel to the 1930s.

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Do You Remember Jinty?

Do You Remember Jinty?

  • Chaobaby7
    i have a few Jinty annuals
  • Anonymous user
    I went over to Jinty when that other great girl's mag Misty was swallowed by the inferior Tammy. In particular I remember the story about the girl with the black streak in her hair that everyone thinks is a witch,and the one about the girl with the limp ending up as a 'gamma' in a futuristic caste society. I think these mags,with their tales of girls doing far out things, started my love of science fiction. Alas, in grade 8 I lent 4 yrs of mags to a school friend who never gave them back. If you still have them,Elizabeth Reid,LB wants them back!