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Jimmy Nail

Geordie singer-songwriter James Bradford was born in March, 1954. Jimmy's career was orginally in the music industry before being made famous by playing the part of 'Oz' in the hit british comedy drama 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet' in the early 80's. He went onto act in a number of tv series which he co-wrote one and played a musician in another.

Jimmy recorded his first album "Growing up in Public" in 1992, this was to great commercial success, within 3 years, he released a second album which was based on his brilliant tv series "Crocodile Shoes". He further released "Big River" & "Crocodile Shoes II". His famous singles include 'Ain't No Doubt' & 'Crocodile Shoes'.

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Do You Remember Jimmy Nail?

Do You Remember Jimmy Nail?

  • Anonymous user
    Where is Jimmy Nail now??? I remember saving my pocket money to buy a Jimmy Nail tape for Mother's Day!!