Jimmy Jet

Jimmy Jet was a portable cockpit toy released by Deluxe Reading Corporation in the early 60s that was based on a fighter plane. When you powered up Jimmy Jet the screen on the cockpit would light up showing a silhouette of a fighter jet flying over a scrolling projection of a landscape.

It was essentially a very basic flight simulator for boys aged four to eleven that was very colourful and detailed with chrome accents. You could move the silhouette backwards and forwards with the steering mechanism and adjust the speed using the throttle on the left hand side. Whilst all of this was going on the Jimmy Jet cockpit would play out a loud motor sound to replicate the sound of a fighter jet.

There were two firing missile on the top of the Jimmy Jet unit which if you pressed the right button would set off across the room.

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Do You Remember Jimmy Jet?

Do You Remember Jimmy Jet?