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Jennifer Rush

Born Heidi Stern in September, 1960, Jennifer (stage name chosen by CBS) spent her earlier years growing up in New York City before moving to Europe with her family who are also in the music industry. Jennifer's father is the famous opera singer, 'Maurice Stern', mother 'Barbara' is a classical pianist and both brothers are musicians.

American singer / songwriter, Jennifer burst into the music industry during the 1980's with hit singles "25 Lovers", "Ring of Ice", "Movin", timeless ballad “The Power Of Love” and many many others. "The Power Of Love" held the title of "Best Love Song" from 1985 until 1992. Jennifer acheived commercial success worldwide during the 80's & 90's working with the likes of Elton John, Bon Jovi, Bryan May & Michael Bolton.

Jennifer's 10th album, "Now is the Hour" was released in March 2010, it reached the album charts in some European Countries but not in the UK.

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Do You Remember Jennifer Rush?

Do You Remember Jennifer Rush?

  • Anonymous user
    Didn't realise that she and her family are now Euro-based, she struck me as being solidly a lifelong US resident. Hated 'The Power Of Love', though love 'Ring Of Ice', which I well remember from late '85. It always reminds me of driving over the Malvern Hills in the November of that year when we were house-hunting in the area, looking up at the Scots Pines against the night sky! Considering she was only 25 when she released her clutch of hits in the mid-'80s, her voice is incredibly powerful and rich. I'd always assumed she was in her early 40s when those songs came out.