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It's a knockout

It’s a Knockout board game (by Denys Fisher) was based on that very strange TV show “It’s a Knockout!” that some of you may remember, or others might think was some kind of dream you once had….

This game was actually really popular in lots of different European countries because “It’s a knockout” was played in so many places. It eas quite literally a craze in every country in Europe!

As with a lot of strange things, it started out as a French thing - a TV show called “Intervilles” but it ran on TV in England from 1966 to 2001 with some breaks here or there changing channel from time to time (It’s last run, was on Channel 5)

The game pitted teams from two towns who would compete against each other in very absurd games – like having to transport massive clothes pegs over an obstacle course while dressed in a penguin suit – is that actually example strange enough for you? All the British games were refereed by former international football referee Arthur Ellis. Sometimes the shows were broadcast live.

The board game was first made in 1974, in England, although it probably had the most success in Australia and became the Australian Toy Association's game of the year 1986. In fact “It’s a knockout” really took off in Australia. They loved it. So hence loved the board game’s success! There’s nothing Australians love more than a bit of active pursuits.

Players move around a playing board until they land on one of the 'games' that include variants on tiddlywinks, target shooting, blow football and bowling. Like on the TV show, each player has a “Joker” they can play to get double points for that game. The players get various points depending on where they finish in these events. Points are collected and when one player reaches the end of the board, the player with the most points wins.

I remember playing it with my family one Christmas, there was a lot of jolly ness, it seemed that the game “It’s a knockout” was really enjoyed and that it created much laughter. And the board game is held in much the same affection.

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Do You Remember It's a knockout?

Do You Remember It's a knockout?