Instant Insanity

Instant Insanity! This is not the effect of watching Jeremy Kyle, nope this was a puzzle game that could cause legitimate insanity (Well, almost)

The puzzle consisted of four cubes with different coloured faces (red, blue, green, and white). The aim of the puzzle sounds oh so easy! You had to stack the cubes in a column so that each side (front, back, left, and right) of the stack shows each of the four colours. The distribution of colours on each cube is unique.

Sure so you think it’s easy? Just you try - trial and error was the only way to solve the problem, but a very very slow way! There are 41,472 arrangements of the four cubes but only two solutions!!

Instant Insanity was created by Franz Owen Armbruster, (Apparently also known in some circles as Frank Armbruster) It was published by Parker Brothers in 1967.

The advert for it on TV was fun. It showed a crazy-professor type Einstein figure, with crazy grey hair trying to solve it and going slowly do-lally! In the 1980’s Over 12 million puzzles were sold. I wonder how many of those were actually solved? It was a bit like a Rubiks cube in some ways, but for my money it was way way way harder. It’s still available if you fancy going insane any time soon?

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Do You Remember Instant Insanity?

Do You Remember Instant Insanity?