Hot Looks

Hot Looks were awesome bendable cloth-bodied and vinyl-headed dolls dressed in the coolest fashions of the 80s. I loved their clothes and hair. Each doll was a model from a different country. They had names like Stacey.

Hot Looks were made by Mattel in 1986 and a funny thing is that when Mattel recently released the similar sized 'Teen Trends' dolls, the barcode sticker on the shelf below them at the store said 'Hot Looks'. I guess 'Teen Trends' is a direct successor of Hot Looks.

Hot Looks measured around 19-inches tall and had vinyl heads with rooted hair. Their bodies were made of tights materials and had a wire frame so you could put them in a pose and they would stay fixed. There were seven different Hot Looks models all from different countries. The dolls included Mimi from France, Chelsea from London, Stacey from America, Elkie from Sweden, Zizi from Africa, Stephanie from Australia and Star from Hollywood.

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Do You Remember Hot Looks?

Do You Remember Hot Looks?