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Do You Remember Hee Haw?

Do You Remember Hee Haw?

  • Bob Mills
    HEE-HAW was produced in a unique (for its time) way whereby the segments would be taped separately and often in different studios in different parts of the U.S. This was to allow the cast members to carry on their country careers whilst starring on the TV program. The various segments were then edited together in what appeared to the viewer at home a live, all-at-the-same-time show. This format had an added advantage as well. It made the producers of the show fabulously wealthy since it was much cheaper to produce than a full-scale show and was syndicated to hundreds of individual outlets each paying the producers a fee. My friend Bob Alberti, also musical director on our Bob Hope specials, worked as Hee-Haw's musical director for years. He would keep me abreast of going-on on the show in the 70s. Bob Mills Author of THE LAUGH MAKERS: A Tribute to Bob Hope's Gag Writers. Available on