Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo

Person 1 - "I didn't know you had dandruff." Person 2 - "I DON'T!"

The ads for this iconic anti-dandruff shampoo have more or less passed into British folklore by now. Launched in the late '70s, Head & Shoulders was the first such product to be available on the mass market, as opposed to discreetly over the counter in your local chemist's shop, and really was (and remains) as effective as it claimed to be.

Yet the early TV adverts for it pose an interesting conundrum - they showed a girl having half of her head being washed in ordinary shampoo, the other half in Head & Shoulders- BUT, each side of her with a parting. Therefore, she had a parting on BOTH sides of her head??! Hmmmm....

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Do You Remember Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo?

Do You Remember Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo?