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Haysi Fantayzee

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Haysi Fantayzee were formed in 1981, and set about injecting fun into the music scene, wearing outlandish costumes and dreadlocks, and writing songs that combined sexual subversion with disposable dayglo pop. Their 'Dickensian Rasta' look was a hit and saw their debut single John Wayne Is Big Leggy rise to #11 in the charts.

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Do You Remember Haysi Fantayzee?

Do You Remember Haysi Fantayzee?

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    I always thought that they were meant to have a Wild West image- he used to dress like a 'hired gun' from a Western movie, and she seemed to adopt a 'bordello madam' persona. Both 'John Wayne' and the follow-up song 'Shiny Shiny' were Western-themed.