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Hands Across America

I remember standing in a line of people as far as the eye could see in both directions. We closed down a major road through town (rt 13) for about 20 minutes. It was a surreal experience, you could almost feel the energy of countless people moving through the line. Even though there were large gaps, I understand some sections on the eastern side of the country stretched for tens of miles - possibly hundreds.

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Do You Remember Hands Across America?

Do You Remember Hands Across America?

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    I vaguely remember hearing about this here in England, though it was largely overshadowed by the 'Sport Aid' runs which had taken place about a fortnight earlier in towns & cities around the world. However, I gather that it raised $34 million for charities and the impoverished both in the US and abroad, AND subsquently embarrassed Ronnie Reagan into releasing $800 million of foeign aid that he'd been holding back up until then! Ha Ha!