Hai Karate aftershave

This popular men's toiletry from the mid-'70s, Hai Karate was advertised as releasing the wild passion in everybody, and the adverts for it were hilarious. The suggestion was that it only had to be applied to send gents wild with ecstasy and women mad with desire! One advert was set in the men's outfitting section of a department store, when a guy trying some as a free sample goes bananas and unleashes a Marx Brothers-style chain of pandemonium, another was in a hospital ward where a patient is given some as a visiting present. The nurses can't keep their hands off him, and he goes on to leap from bed to bed down the room creating absolute chaos. Those ads must've been such fun to make!!

Hai Karate was sold in it's own fake plastic bamboo 'cage', and was strong, sharp-smelling stuff, though it wouldn't appeal to today's subtler preferences.

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Do You Remember Hai Karate aftershave?

Do You Remember Hai Karate aftershave?