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This board game by Richard Hamblen and Avalon Hill, and was actually really well thought out, and informative! It harks from way back in 1982. And can be played by up to 7 people.

Gunslinger was great at creating that old western cliché of the gunfight. It had a quick and easy game system that recreated the split-second nature of high noon! In every go of the fight, each player secretly plays cards to define exactly what they will do during the next two seconds in the game.

A big part of who wins and loses is the critical differences between weapons. You’ll learn a lot about: Winchesters, Shotguns, Buffalo rifles, Colt's "Peacemaker", Smith & Wesson's breakopen guns and Remington's Derringer as they are all used.

To play the game, you move around the board picking up property like Gold Mines, Stables, Saloons and Blacksmithys. Almost like monopoly. However, if another player lands on your property he can challenge you to a shoot out in the street!

The winner takes all – obviously – you can’t take a share if you’re dead! You can also hire expensive gunmen who have much more chances of winning (They have better guns for one thing)

Like Monopoly, the game is won either by last man standing or who has the most money after a set time.

Brilliantly, this game combines so many of the things you love as a child. Not only gunslinging, but also collecting money, fighting, and also miniature models and there is a lot of different types of terrain to play on. You can also take on different characters which is exciting.

The game has several hundred variations, including both historical gunfights and made-up situations, so you can learn as you go! You can choose to be Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, or John Wesley Hardin among many more.

You also have to deal with real-life western events like Indian raids, barroom brawls and poker games.

Real good fun, and like being in your own episode of Bonanza!

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Do You Remember Gunslinger?

Do You Remember Gunslinger?