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Guisepina was a 50's/60's children's programme with no talking in it. In retrospect I wonder if it had been designed for deaf children? Anyway, Guisepina was about a little girl who had nothing to do but watch her Daddy at work in his petrol station/ garage. Very little happened but there was always some kind of interaction with people coming to the garage. It was somehow fascinating.

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Do You Remember Guisepina?

Do You Remember Guisepina?

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    This was a short film that was used as one of the Trade Test Transmissions. Colour films broadcast during the day on BBC2 that helped demonstrate the virtues of colour television in TV shops around the UK. I always remember her Dad pretending to fill a young boy's wooden cart with petrol. He had an empty tin can fixed at the back of the cart like a fuel filler. It's on YouTube - Giuseppina - Colour Trade Test Film (1959) HD