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Like that of the motor-mouthed Zippy from Rainbow and Ringo's Fat Controller on Thomas The Tank Engine, Grotbags' voice was one that was etched forever in kids' minds back in the 80s. Dulcit it was not. Grating it certainly was. But that wasn't enough to make us switch off Emu's World.

Along with her voice, Grotbags (only ever played by Carol Lee Scott) was distinctive because she was, well, bright green. Yes, Grotbags was a witch, complete with a spooky cape, pointy hat and evil cackle.

The character was created in 1982 for kids' TV programme Emu's World and remained a popular fixture through the 80s and early 90s. Grotbags played the 'baddie' against Rod Hull and Emu's 'goodie' , helped by her two telly sidekicks Croc the crocodile and Robot Redford a butler. They spent their time in Emu's World, or rather his big pink windmill which he and Rod lived in, terrorising the poor puppet and any visiting children with her 'bazzazzer' - an umbrella-like object Grotbags used to point at her targets while shouting 'bazzazz!'. They never seemed to be very affected by the 'bazzazzer' though... well, we all know good always triumphs over bad!

In the 80s, Emu's World morphed into a more audience-oriented programme called Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show. In it, Grotbags gave audience members chances to win prizes from her grotto. The later still, in the early 90s, she bagged her own show. But unfortunately, she was nothing without Emu.

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Do You Remember Grotbags?

Do You Remember Grotbags?

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    old grotbags she was a wicked witch lol