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Groovie Ghoulies

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It was early 70's show about a fankenstein, werewolf and dracula character.

In the show they would play in a band as well.

During each epsiode the action would switch from being live action to a cartoon.

These cartoons even inspired a famous American pop punk band from Sacremento (!) Called - Groovie Ghoulies.

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Do You Remember Groovie Ghoulies?

Do You Remember Groovie Ghoulies?

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    I remember the show was re-broadcast in '82 as well. They were actually a Munsters-inspired community of ghouls and freaks who shared a dilapidated American-Gothic mansion- in addition to the vampire, werewolf and Frankenstein's monster characters, there was also an Egyptian mummy and a Morticia Addams-type woman in a long black dress, along with various other lesser creatures. The show consisted of comedy scenes, jokes (often emanating from the 'Ask-It Casket')and songs such as 'Where You Goin', Little Ghoul?' There was not usually a single storyline, more a series of slapstick sketches- it was aimed mainly at the 6 to 10 age group, so none of the ghouls were ever really scarey. I found it irritating, but also strangely compulsive viewing.