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Green Day

American punk rock band formed back in 1987, their debut album "Dookie" sold over 25 million copies worldwide in 1994, making them a huge commercial success.

One of their most recent popular tracks is "American Idiot" which went on to stage a musical as an adaptation of the band's concept album in April 2010. The story centers on Johnny, a disaffected youth who flees stifling suburbia and his parents' restrictions to look for meaning in his life, and to try out the freedom and excitement of the city. One of his friends stays home to work out his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. Another friend serves in Iraq. Johnny finds a part of himself that he grows to dislike, has a relationship and experiences lost love.

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Do You Remember Green Day?

Do You Remember Green Day?

  • Anonymous user
    Their song 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' reminds me of the abandoned town of Varosha on the East coast of Cyprus. To the South of Famagusta, this modern holiday resort was deserted during the Turkish invasion of 1974 and has remained an uninhabited ghost town ever since, caught in the UN buffer-zone between North and South Cyprus and frozen in time. That Green Day song could've been written for it.