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Green Beret

This was an arcade conversion of the great Konami arcade game, released by imagine. The Spectrum version was made my Joffa Smiff and did an amazing version. It was on Commodore 64 also and featured Martin Galways music.

You could move soldier to the right of the screen and destroy the enemy soldiers by pressing 'Knife Button'. By destroying the enemy commanding officer you are able to capture his weapon (a flame thrower, a rocket gun or hand grenades). These special weapons will destroy the enemy soldiers en masse.

You would have to jump or lie down to avoid the enemy bullets.

The game was completed when you have rescued the captives at the end of the fourth stage.

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Do You Remember Green Beret?

Do You Remember Green Beret?

  • Anonymous user
    Great game, I had it on the Commodore 16 but it was called Rush N Attack.