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Grandstand really started in the 60s. A typical afternoon in the Football/Rugby season would consist of: The Gillette Fight of The Week from USA - this was a recording of the contest broadcast in America the previous Saturday -, Horse Racing up to about 3.15, ten minutes of the first half of a Rugby League game, a final race followed by a half time round-up. From then on, the programme would conclude with the entire second half of the Rugby game, followed by the compulsive viewing of The Teleprinter as it revealed the final scores of that day's Football League games. Unmissable!

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Do You Remember Grandstand?

Do You Remember Grandstand?

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    The theme music to grandstand in the 60s was amazing allways brings back the times of b/w tellys and boiled eggs for tea on Saturdays. Much more contented in those days. (I Think )