Gooey Louie

Well those boffins at Hasbro really pulled something out of the ... er ... bag here!

Surely the lowest common denomiator game for kids, but then, also something that only Children have a passion for. This game was all about - wait for it - pulling bogies out of Louie's nose.

Gooey Louie is in the shape of a big plastic head with the large nose, no chin and a line across his head. In his nose you will find a little hole which is where you stick your finger!

The aim of the game is to pull out all of the bogeys one by one, but you must not pull out the one which is attached to his brain. If you pull this one then the lid of his head will open and the brain will pop out.

It's basically Buckaroo or Operation in it's game play, except instead of taking out bodily organs or taking off pots and pans from a horses back, you're taking out bogies!

Disgusting. Fun, but Disgusting. And prone to worry young children that if they pick their noses their brains will pop out!!

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Do You Remember Gooey Louie?

Do You Remember Gooey Louie?