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Going Out

"Going out" was a Southern Television, series about kids leaving school and falling in love. It aired in 1981

It was by writer by Phil "Grange Hill" Redmond and was very popular.

As one review put it: "The series showed the normal problems that faced us when we left school in the early 80s. No job, no future, no hope…. but plenty of parties, a bit of 'agro' and the chance of a quick snog."

It really captured a lot of what we would today call "Thatchers Britain".

Riley (the main character) was the year above the main characters. Sean Tinnersley and Cathy, her best friend Gerry Henshaw and Roger. Danny was their friend a fellow called Arty Jackson was the bad guy.

You would recognize a lot of the faces from other 1980's TV series (The Bill for example)

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Do You Remember Going Out?

Do You Remember Going Out?

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    i have the full series for sale here
  • Anonymous user
    yes i do i would luv to watch it again but cant find a link CAN ANYONE HELP