This “Toy Godzilla” was a vital part of my childhood – in fact the advert just made me want one SO much.

There were two children playing at the beach, building sandcastles and suddenly one of them brings out a Godzilla toy, and starts destroying the sand castles. It looked so much fun! Although watching the advert now as an adult I can’t help thing about the kid “What a badly behaved young boy, destroying another child’s sandcastles like that”.

The advert had an authorative “A-Team” like voice over that only made you want it more. Look it up on you tube, it’s a classic ad!

The toy itself had a few wonderful features – including a tongue that came out of the mouth, which made it look like it was taunting anyone else, or you could make him lick an ice cream if you wanted to! (very funny). The toy also brilliantly had a “launching claw” – now, I have no idea what a “launching claw” is in combat, in some ways it would seem like a mortal wound (i.e. losing an appendage). However, launching the claw was indeed fun, and it could pack quite a punch let me tell you! It really went a distance!

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Do You Remember Godzilla?

Do You Remember Godzilla?