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Godzilla was an cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera in conjunction with a Japanese company in the late 1970’s and played on UK TV well into the mid-80’s.

Of course the series took part in Japan – where their love of Monsters and Monster movies is legendary – and it had a big effect on my growing brain. It’s one of my favourite cartoons – along with other Japanese made ones like Battle of the Planets (or Gatchaman as it was known in Japan).

They originally made 26 episodes in full, and they were 30 minutes long each. The series followed a team of scientists on a research vessel called Calico. Also along for the ride is Godzooky, the son of Godzilla and Pete's best friend (Pete is the son of one of the crew) who has a fun role in the show, like the comedy relief. Co-incidentally Pete is also the name of the boy who befriends a dragon from the cartoon “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

Strangely Godzooky can fly using the small wings under his arms, though his uncle Godzilla is unable to fly. Which if you’re asking me, is certainly enough to spark a paternity investigation.

I LOVED Godzooky – he was fun and a light, a “Scrappy-doo” like character. For example, when Godzooky tries to breathe fire, he just coughs up smoke and he never seems to have the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes (who does). (though for the Godzilla geeks, he did breathe fire once in the episode, "The Beast of Storm Island".)

Some episodes Godzilla never turned up though! I always found this frustrating, they solved the problem without him. I was always gutted about that. I used to go crazy for the way Godzilla would rise up out of the ocean and kick ass.

I still have the theme tune to the series in my head. It’s a stay-er. “Down from the Depths, 30 stories high…..”

Godzilla fact: In Japan the series was called Godzilla: Voyage Chronicles. I don’t know what the voyage was, but it was certainly chronicled! The cartoons were ace!

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Do You Remember Godzilla?

Do You Remember Godzilla?