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George Harrison

The Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Film Producer was best know for being the lead guitarist in the Beatles, born on 25th February 1943 in Liverpool, England.

Paul McCartney & John Lennon were pupils at the same school that George attended, Paul McCartney later became a member of John Lennon's band "The Quarrymen", Harrison joined the band in 1958. "The Quarrymen" later changed their name to "The Beatles" and their first single "Love Me Do" was released in 1962 and reached no. 17 in the UK Singles Charts.

George wrote his first song published with the Beatles, "Don't Bother Me", while sick in a hotel bed in Bournemouth during August 1963, as an exercise "to see if I could write a song".

George was often refered to as "The Quite Beatle" and was considered to embrace Indian Culture and Hinduism. The Beatles split up in 1970 and George released his first solo album "All Things Must Pass" to great commercial success.

Harrison co-wrote songs for the 'Traveling Wilburys'—the supergroup he formed in 1988 with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and Roy Orbison. He also formed 'HandMade Films' in 1978, this was a British film production and distribution company. It was orgininallly set up to help out his Monty Python friends by raising £2 million to finish their film 'Life of Brian' after EMI Films, the original financiers, pulled out due to the film's satirical content.

George Harrison was a keen gardener and had an interest in Motor Racing.

Sadly, George died of cancer in 29th November 2001.

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Do You Remember George Harrison?