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Game of Nations

This was a very popular strategy game. A little like Risk, and like Risk I was often invited to play but i was a bit young for it, I think. Game of Nations, by Waddingtons, seemed to go on for HOURS!

I was slightly younger than my cousin and him and his friends liked these kinds of games and would play them for (literally) days! And you really can play this game for days. If anyone has ever played it you will know!

I actually played it once in my teens and really liked it, it was with some good friends and it didn’t seem too long, but those were the summer holidays and almost nothing with friends could go on too long.

But, as a 7 year old it was a bit much. Just to give you a snippet of an idea let me talk you though a bit about the game:

It’s an elimination game set in the region of Kark which is divided into nine countries between two seas; four inland, oil-rich countries; four coastal countries which produce less oil, and one which is the poorest of all but controls an important canal There are four border crossing points between each country, a "chance" space which allows a player to draw an International Incident card, a number of ordinary spaces, and most importantly a red Capital space.

And the game is all about taking risks, having a strategy to bankrupt your opponents. like real international diplomacy, with the same time span!

I think though I would like it now. we played a similar game in school once as well and I really really enjoyed it. It really taught me about how the world operates and how different countries have different natural resources.

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Do You Remember Game of Nations?

Do You Remember Game of Nations?