Fun Flowers

Fun Flowers consisted of a metal mold that you plugged into the mains and it would heat up. You could use different shaped metal plates which would fill with goop in allsorts of colours. Once they heated up they would set like rubber. It took a lot of patience to leave them to cool, though, but you could then add a safety pin to make a brooch.

You could also buy sets to make creepy crawlies if flower brooches weren't quite your thing. I also remember using the set to make Christmas decorations out of the Fun Flowers moulds. I believe there were even Fighting Man sets, which came with pieces of wire that were inserted into the mould before cooking, so you could bend them into poses once done. Many types were edible, too - there was an Incredible Edibles set - but after smelling them cooking all that time it kind of put you off them.

What I can't believe is that the adults left us alone with these hot plates and boiling hot goop for hours on end - think of the health and safety! Then again, i never wore a helmet when I went out on my bike, either!

Fun Flowers was like playing with a chemistry set. Brilliant!

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Do You Remember Fun Flowers?

Do You Remember Fun Flowers?