Full Metal Jacket (1987)

"I want to be your drill Instructor, I want to shave of all my hair" was one of the most remembered marching songs from this film. Full Metal Jacket was a gritty Vietnam war film, following some raw recruits as they try and cope with training camp through to being sent out to war in Vietnam. I think everyone who saw it remembers the scene where the messed up kid blows his own brains out in the shower.

Ever wondered why you never saw any Huey helicopters in it? It was filmed entirely at Docklands (before they built on it) and they used Chinooks instead. There you go, take that little gem to the pub quiz on Monday.

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Do You Remember Full Metal Jacket?

Do You Remember Full Metal Jacket?

  • Anonymous user
    No, they didn't. They used Wessex's borrowed from RNAF Yeovilton. The main locations were Beckton Gasworks (Vietnam) and Bassingbourne Barracks (Marine training camp). Sorry!
  • sgbeattie
    BEST war movie! Final!