Frustration is a fantastic game - not at all like "ludo" or other more boring variations.

Yes - like 'ludo' It's a counter game where you have to move your colour round the board to 'get home' (with the person who gets all four of their counters back winning). On the board you have blue, yellow, green and red sections. In the middle is the novel idea of having some 'popping dice' in a clear plastic bubble. You push the bubble to flip these dice - which is fun!

You go clockwise round the board in a circle, until you're on the dot before where you started, then you duck into a separate path going towards the centre of the board and that is effectively home - yes I know - like LUDO.


In Frustration there is the fearful knock off. Because two counters can't occupy the same spot any new player to land on a spot replaces the old one and the old one is sent back to it's bunker and needs to roll another 6 to escape. It really is FRUSTRATING !!! But also fun to do to someone!!!

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Do You Remember Frustration?

Do You Remember Frustration?

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    The 'fearful knock off' as you call it IS exactly the same as in Ludo, it's not new. The Victorians were playing this in the nineteenth century.